COVID-19 Precautions

Below are a few things you can expect to see before, during, and after the race. We ask that you abide by the measures in place and acknowledge that the race directors and/or medical team have the right to remove you from the race if you’re not following standard health guidelines as well as the guidelines set by Metro Health.

Health Screening
Prior to the race, you will receive an email with health screening questions. If any of your answers prohibit you from attending the race, you must contact WMWRs. You will not be able to attend Midwest Everest in 2020.
You will also go through and sign a health screen the morning of the race.

Packet Pick-Up
We will only have packet pick-up the morning of the race. You will have to wear a face covering and stay 6 feet apart while in line for packet pick-up and the health screen.

We encourage you to bring your crew for support but please keep the number to a minimum. Your crew will also go through a health screen in order to participate in the event. You will be allowed to set up a reasonably sized personal area in the designated area at the base of the hill but must be 10 feet from neighboring crew areas.

All spectators will be asked to stay out of the crew area. They may come to watch, cheer you on, and grab a drink on the deck but there will be no large gatherings at the crew stations.

Aid Station
There will be one aid station at the bottom of the hill. We will have water and Skratch Labs hydration mix available. There will be no food and no cups. Please bring your own water bottle/cup for use.

Distancing and Face Covering
A face covering is required for all close contact interactions (packet pick-up, pre-race briefing, etc). There will be no grouping up during the race. A distance of 12 feet, at minimum, needs to be kept between runners. If you are passing another runner, you must continue at that pace and stay 12 feet ahead. It is also recommended that you cover your face while passing another racer. Neck gators (buffs) are recommended for racers for ease of covering and uncovering as needed.

After the Race
As you return home from the weekend, it is recommended that you take precautions to distance yourself from others in your community. There is a possibility that you could become infected at any time during the weekend and not show any symptoms. We do not want to add to the spread of COVID-19.
If you find that you have been infected, please contact WMWRs so we can use the information to contact others that you may have come in contact with.

There will be more race information to come. We simply want to let you know that we have the support of Metro Health for you on race weekend.

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